1.Employee Referral Bonus Program

QFS believes in “Growth is life”. To achieve our growth rates we look for versatility of our candidates to fulfill our need to hire, develop and motivate the best people who can help us drive that growth.

How Employee Referral Bonus works?

A primary requirement for payment is that the QFS employee must complete the referral form and submit it prior to the prospective candidate’s referral.                                 

Interviewed candidates will be asked if they have been referred by a QFS employee, and will be given a confirmation form to complete. QFS, Inc then evaluates and automatically send you the referral bonus, once the referred employee qualifies all desired requirements (as described below).

How does it work?

$500.00 Referral Award: For any qualified referral resource/resume, that gets placed through our company and stays with the company for at least 3 months.

$700.00 Referral Award: For any qualified lead or for every              requirement, which you forward to us and which gets closed through us, and after receiving the first month paycheck from the client.

$1000.00 Referral Award: For a complete lead plus resource placement with no effort and participation of the Company’s people and resources.

Forms: Please fill the following forms and take a screen shot and email it or message to get qualified for referral bonus:

  • Employee Referral Form: QFS employee must complete the "Employee Referral Form" and submit it. Employee Referral Form
  • Referral Confirmation Form: Referred candidates need to fill "Referral Confirmation Form" and submit it. Referral Confirmation Form

2. Business referral Bonus Program

If you have knowledge of a customer who can use professional or consulting or staffing services, you can earn credit for each business you refer to become a new eTeam customer. This credit can be applied towards future work performed at your site or cashed out.

How much can I earn and how often can I earn?

QFS customers (referring) receive credit up to 5% of the total invoice amount from the prospective client for the first 1 year of services rendered. For example, if a new customer(referred) signs up for professional services and gives business worth 250,000, the referrer will receive a credit of $7500.

There is no limit on the number of referrals. You may recommend new Customers as many times as you want!

How does it work?      

There are 2 ways to refer someone

  • Business Referral Form: Complete the Business Referral Form (which is under Forms sub heading) and email or send screen shot of it to us and we will contact the prospect to complete the ordering process.
  • Contact establishment Contact is established by QFS or the prospect and the prospect mention you at the time of sign-up for an QFS service

Once QFS receives the payment from the new business, you will receive the credit.


  • QFS must receive the payment for the services performed to credit the referrer.
  • The referral must be mentioned at the time of sign-up.
  • A new business cannot be a current or former client for eTeam.
  • Future or pending payments (i.e. not yet received) cannot be used in substitution for payment of your invoice.