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"Providing Quality Talent & Technological Expertise When You Need It..."

"Providing Quality Talent & Technological Expertise When You Need It..."

Quick Feasible Solutions provides exceptional and highly skilled IT consultants on a contract basis to businesses across the nation. Our employees are offered solid career choices, opportunities and training to keep up with latest technology. From local ventures to Fortune 500 companies, QFS offers information technology specialists and consultants to complete our client’s mission critical projects.

The main reason for our on-going success is due to the following

  • We offer you the high-tech IT personnel you need with right skill, for the period you want, at cost effective competitive prices lowing your Total Cost of Ownership, affordable and making a lot of business sense for any size organization even the small businesses.
  • We prescreen every candidate; select the best one available for you in the rate you are offering. We take away your management burden, enabling you to retain decision-making control to drive business growth and operational efficiencies.
  • More than 90% of the clients give us corp-to-corp hourly rate and avoid the hassles of full time demanding employees.
  • If you want to hire people on your payroll, then we look forward to reasonable 30% of the candidate's first year salary as our one-time fee. The nice thing is that we only get paid once you like the candidate.
  • We serve businesses with an unparalleled network of
    • Technology Consultants
    • Programmers
    • System Analysts
    • Datawarehouse Consultants
    • Technical Managers
    • Project Managers
    • Database Administrators
    • Unix Administrators
    • Network Engineers
    • Software Architects
    • Dev-Ops Engineers
    • Data Engineers
    • Data Analytics Engineers
    • Big Data & Cloud Engineers
    • FullStack Developers
    • Data Visualization Developers
    • Business Intelligence Engineers