Quick Feasible Solutions Onsite Development Model

On-Site Development

“Let your Confidence on us and relax”….

Today Security  is a major concern for lot of mission critical applications, client will require a project to be completely developed/delivered on-site.

In such cases, QFS can provide very qualified, dedicated resources with a proven track record.  Our mature process for scaling resources will allow, for flexibility of effort in the project development and management for an on-site project is client-directed. 

Our Onsite Delivery model follows the conventional and proven methods of development at the client facilities. This method of development facilitates higher user interaction, strong requirements, but higher consultant costs.  

This model is ideal when:

  1. The customer has other concerns about the security of information.
  2. Information is confidential and proprietary like Government projects.
  3. Face-to-face dealings with the client, sometimes continuous interaction with the consultant becomes necessary to have a clear understanding of what the client is expecting from them and also of the end results desired by the client.
  4. The scope has not been defined in detail and may undergo a number of changes.
  5. The deliverables or the requirements can change dynamically.
  6. For the clients, time-to market involved in this model is less.