About Us

Everyone knows that It's very difficult to find a company that understands Client's business and really help to fix it. We are one among the companies, who help you to fix things and give a ready-to-use solutions.

“Our most valuable assets and biggest strength of the Company – Our highly qualified and innovative employees.” Our core team provide constant innovation and implementation and some of our   employees are involved from the very beginning, challenging the complicated challenges and making life easier for our clients.

The success Mantra for this cost effective solutions is "OutSourcing"


Highly Innovative and Creative Minds

The best one word, which can describe us, is “Unique”. Our team has a passion for innovation and our creativity brings a lot of value to our clients and make the atmosphere always pleasant. Our practical innovative approaches delight our clients as bringing savings to them in terms of time & revenue. We do high collaboration, utilize the latest technology to the full and think the solution for the specific problem rather than fitting the existing solutions to the problem. One of the underlying reasons of the existence of QFS as an entity is the creative expression of our founders and core team to this beautiful planet.


Value of Relationship - Key Ingredient for Success

We value relationship more than anything else. Biggest testimony of this is almost 100% customer retention rate. Whoever has done business with us has become part of our extended family and has not gone away. We are highly relationship oriented, responsive, and communicative, having that “human” element which connects us with others sharing the mutual trust and respect. Relationships in our view point get better as they age and something to cherish and feel proud of, whenever you look back in the ongoing continuous forward journey.


Formula for Success: Under Promise and over Deliver

This guiding principle always made us strive for betterment and exceeding the client expectations to the level of pleasant surprises for them. We make a point to make that “incremental” difference, which really matters and which shows up making us distinct and different than others. We believe that our actions speak the loudest and our modest initial promises always unfailing end up in extraordinary deliveries.


Improving performance - Lowering Costs

You would quickly find that one visible outcome of doing business with us is Low TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO). What is the point of having a service which is unaffordable, and the value for money you get through us for the kind of high quality you get, makes us unbeatable in price competition. The integrity, fiscal discipline, cutting down the overheads and passing these savings to our clients creates an ideal win-win scenario.


The best solutions for your business - what we do.

30+ years experience in business and finance consulting, IT solutions, and working with 5k+ clients over the world. Creation timelines for the digital consulting business theme 2021.

Consulting Services

Quick Feasible Solutions provides exceptional and highly skilled IT consultants on a contract basis to businesses across the nation.

Software Product Development

"Typically the customers..." As can be expected, product development takes on many shapes and flavors

Application Development

In an ever-changing world, staying ahead of the competition is now harder than ever before. Optimization of business processes

Web-design & Development

Attain the Highest Value Service at the Lowest Total Cost » We feel it is our job to bring your vision to "life"

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Big Data is the process of managing massive amounts of data in an efficient manner

Dev ops

QFS’s DevOps combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to unite people, process, and technology in application planning, development

Mobile Development

Mobile application development is the process to making software for smartphones and digital assistants, most commonly for Android and iOS.

Web API Development

Web API Development is a process in which an application programming interface (API) is designed for both web server and browser.

QA Testing / Quality Assurance

It’s critical for businesses to remember that having a website isn’t enough to succeed on the web. It is equally important to perform website

Our Methodologies

On SIte Development

Today Security is a major concern for lot of mission critical applications, client will require a project to be completely developed/delivered on-site.

Off SIte Development

Off-site Development model reduces the cost of hardware resources required and also offers several other cost savings. Offsite development facilitates

Off-Shore Development

In today's business world of shrinking staffs and budgets, IT management is often about strategically allocating limited resources and improving

Dual-Shore Development

QFS’s dual shore Global Delivery Model is a framework for on-site – off-site project engagement using multi-location project teams.


At QFS, we understand our clients’ needs beyond their technical challenges. We cater to enterprises across multiple industries, building solutions and relationships that last.

Our extensive experience in various industries – like banking and financial services, insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics etc – always keeps us at the forefront, working for the most digitally mature organizations across the globe. This enables us to come up with state-of-the-art solutions in any sector.


Expert peoples


Big experience


Committed to quality


QFS team had done a very good job on look and feel and how everything was going to flow right from putting together an initial design on which we can continue to build. The team continued to add functionality seamlessly enabling us to have a place to define who we are, past history, on-going projects, galley, and anything else that I asked for. Their design on the admin and e-commerce functionality allowed us to manage data flow in a timely and controller manner.

Client 5

My experience with Quick Feasible Solutions, Inc is one of great success! Finding a job in market today is not an easy achievement. With the help of QFS team, i was able to find a position that was suitable to my skills and personality..

Client 1

I am impressed by the promptness and professionalism with which my recruiter has responded to me – weekdays and weekends! Quick Feasible Solutions, Inc certainly raises the bar for all other agencies out there.  it’s a great resource for consultants and I’ve recommended to other friends as well.

Client 2

I always think about the days when I was working with Quick Feasible Solutions, Inc. It was really nice to work with such good people. 
They have a particularly friendly system that supports every client to interact and know better about the outputs they require. Their management for keeping up with the client’s specifications at every step is Highly appreciate . They assist in the most reliable way possible. Thank you

Client 3

I am impressed by your company’s goals, mission and commitment to quality and service, and wish you and your colleagues much continued success.

Client 4

Let us help your business to move forward.